Home Improvement Secret Unleashed – Kemiko Concrete Stain For Your Home And Driveway

They say a man’s home is his castle. Is this true of your home? Have you truly made your home into a place that you’re proud of…a place that you just love to show people around because of its classy style and d├ęcor? Not many people can say that they have done this actually.

One fairly inexpensive and quick way to achieve this for your home is to consider concrete staining. Concrete staining is a really great process that you can use on any large concrete area in or around your home, that will give your home a whole new appearance of class and actually make you feel as if you’re sitting in the lap of luxury at an expensive hotel, or depending on the color and lightness of the stain, in a relaxing island hotel in the Bahamas. It’s a great way to completely change the look of your home, without having to buy expensive marble or stone.

In fact once you’ve stained the concrete in your home, it will look as though you have decorated with stone and/or marble. It’s a look that says class through and through and it can be yours simply and easily. Concrete staining can be done on the interior or exterior of your home; in entrance ways to give your home a cathedral type feel; patio or garden areas for the perfect outdoor setting for you and your loved ones and friends; and actually any type of concrete wall or concrete setting where it needs a spruce up.

One of the premier manufacturers for concrete stain is Kemiko, who make the brilliant Kemiko Stone Tone Stain. The particular stain that Kemiko makes is a translucent concrete stain, not a paint or pigment. It’s actually pretty amazing how the translucent stain, actually an acid, will cause a chemical reaction with the lime within the cement of the concrete therefore causing the concrete itself to turn the desired color.

One thing to note though is that since it is a chemical reaction, and not paint, the resulting coloring or staining will not be an exact consistent coloring. The effect will be more of a natural stone finish, which is actually a good thing since the desired look when using a concrete stain is to get precisely that…a natural marble or stone finish.

Another great reason to stain concrete is because of the clean look and feel that it gives your home. The thing that really enhances this is when you add the Stone Tone Sealer to your newly stained concrete. This not only protects your concrete for years and years, but also enhances it with a shiny satin finish. Just imagine how incredible your home is going to look with a stained concrete floor that really brings in that feeling of living in a luxurious castle, with the added shine. The great thing is that if you use the Kemiko Stone Tone Stain and Sealer to recreate a living room or finished basement, you no longer have the problems of dust and dander allergies coming from any carpeting. This is a great alternative for those with asthma and frequent sinus infections and or allergic reactions.

It’s also great if you have pets given the fact that you can just sweep up any hair that your animal has shed, which also keeps down potential allergic reactions.

Cleaning is as simple as sweeping and using a mop and warm water to keep away dust and grime.

Kemiko Stone Tone Concrete Stain can be used on both new and old concrete which is great. So, there’s no reason to go redoing your old cement before being able to apply the stain. You’re safe enhancing the concrete floors that you already have.

It’s really simply a matter of taste when it comes to deciding whether or not the Stone Tone Concrete Stain is for you and your home or not. If you’re looking to change the look of your home, from the standard and ordinary to the classy and sleek look then there’s really not a more efficient choice than using the Kemiko Concrete Stain and finishes. One gallon covers about 400 square feet, so therefore a little essentially goes a long way both economically and in style.

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