Open Your Eyes huge PLEASE And sell Me all your services and products

Do now not miss the possibilities to make money on products and services the patron needs but did not ask for.Saturday afternoon approximately a 1/2 hour earlier than a Penn state soccer sport I desired to watch, my wife Jan comes home from purchasing and tells me, “i’ve a flat tire on the front of my car.” Having been married to her for over 42 years I knew what she was no longer say was, pass get it fixed.So out to the storage I went, observed my small electric pump and placed enough air in the tire to get it across the street to the Firestone store. i like to buy from mom and pa companies however occasionally I spend my money wherein it’s far most handy. In this situation, proper throughout the street from my domestic. They knowledgeable me it’d be 2 hours or so and asked if i was going to wait. I advised them i might depart the car and they said they might call me while it turned into geared up.four hours later and approximately fifteen mins before they closed I referred to as them, asked if my tire was constant and that they said, “Oh sure, we forgot to call you. “No kidding” I answered and satirically introduced, “exquisite carrier.”I fast walked over and paid them for the paintings and drove off. because of the configuration of the roads across the shopping center in our neighborhood it’s miles a great deal easer and quicker to pressure again to my residence by going out the far give up of the purchasing center. As I became to go into the toll road I noticed the nation police had a road block set up stopping each car. My saving of time for going out the some distance cease of the automobile parking space became now long past and i waited my flip to be addressed with the aid of the police officer with my license and registration in hand. I pulled up, rolled down my window. He requested to look my license and registration at the same time as informing me this was a routine block, informed me to live in my car and he could be proper lower back. Upon his return he stated, “Mr. Janet everything seems to be in order besides do your nation inspection became due remaining month.” Now it become my fault I did not have the inspection finished, but I fast turned the blame to Firestone. in any case my car was in their provider bay for over four hours. Why didn’t they look and spot that I needed the automobile inspected? I suggest this is their business to promote me all they are able to. To promote me a products and services I need. inspecting automobiles is one manner they make a ton of cash. because the officer handed me my price tag I saw i used to be fined $25 plus $121 courtroom value. a complete of $146.I now changed into not simplest blaming Firestone, i was and still am a very indignant ex-customer. from now on as a ways as car provider is worried i will now not take benefit of the benefit of Firestone being right throughout the road.whilst we pumped fuel for customers at our tire commercial enterprise we might constantly test the customers oil and even as beneath their hood we checked for creaked belts, oil leaks, the want for a brand new air cleanser, and always checked to see if they needed their car inspected. We even were given down and checked under their automobiles for leaks and checked their tail pipes and mufflers and tire put on. We made masses of unswerving customers and many, many extra sales.Are your eyes wide open searching out the issues, want and desires you may clear up in your customers?Are your eyes huge open seeking out possibilities to make income and earnings with a purpose to advantage and hold clients?

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